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Wow how long has it been!!!!! Over 30,000 views since I've been away is incredible. But meanwhile I thought I should explain why I've been gone for so long. I've just been diagnosed with non epileptic attack disorder . Now not many people even know what that is of how it is caused but it's changed my life. I will suddenly collapse on the floor and have an epileptic fit. But NEPD which it is also known as isn't a medical condition it is more of a psychological condition which can be brought on my extreme stress of trauma. We don't really know which part of my life has caused this to happen but this is how my body has chosen to deal with it. joining support groups with people going through the same thing helps because you feel as if your not alone and you can talk to people who understand what your going through. it is really hard to diagnose you have to have a number of tests to rule out epilepsy. I had to have these 21 electrodes glued to my head for a 2
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Sometimes I think what’s the point of family. But then I think it’s the only thing I have. They support me through everything. My family and I have been through a lot this past year; my dad and i have never really got a long. But   some days I hate my parents but I never mean it. Hates a strong passionate word that shouldn’t be used. It’s used to much but for the wrong reasons. But Sometimes I don’t realise I said it. I only really hate one person in this world and she was the one who ruined mine and my dads relationship and it’s been hard to rebuild every since. Is that bad to say she used to be my best friend as well? Suppose it is. But people grow up and realise that people aren’t meant to stay in your life but the ones that are meant to do. Society changes and people’s views change. It’s harder each and every day because things always get misinterpreted and that’s when things get harder. People come out of friendships into new ones and people come out of relationships into new

Being myself...

I went through a rough patch in my life were I didn't eat. I would go through a whole day eating barely anything. But I didn't think there was anything wrong with it but obviously there was it was a massive problem. I was tired I didn't have enough energy to carry me on throughout the day because I wasn't getting the nutrition I needed. But I got this way cause I looked at myself and though I was fat because a group of lads from my school think its okay to call girls fat but hearing it over and over again made me think I was and I was starving myself to the point where I no longer felt hungry. I lost over 7 pounds in a few weeks I was losing weight by the minute but I carried on thinking it wasn't a problem because as long as i was losing weight i thought just maybe these lads would stop. I wouldn't have to carry on each day being called fat. Then I met my best friend. All she ever did was eat I swear haha. All we would ever do when she came back from collag
Having confidence. Being yourself. Your own individual person. Your happiness.  You don’t need someone in your life who puts you down. Yes you might feel happy. But are you actually happy? You can try and convince yourself that your happy. But your not.  Words go round and round in my head. I constantly put other people before myself; that’s an  human natural way to feel and it’s called not being selfish. But what I do is never good enough for someone. Being kind to one another is the only thing you need.   I haven’t shown people the respect that some people deserve. My actions are uncontrollable when it concerns my family. I would do anything and everything to protect them. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my family. The support they have given me over the years; words  honestly describe.  I learn my way in life. I make my own mistakes. Making mistakes is a part of growing up, making mistakes will make you a better person because you would learn from
Can someone please explain to me what this world is coming to? So i`m young and people I know drink, smoke, get in trouble with the police basically do everything they shouldn't. But that is the normal. But does anyone stop them. No. They do not understand what is right and wrong. I admit I take thing for granted but I don`t drink I don`t take drugs. But take a minute to imagine what these people must be feeling they are giving up on everything. No one seems to guide them. No one seems to stop them every Friday and Saturday nights some people at the age of 12 but I swear when I was 12 I was obsessed with clothes, shoes and bags I didn't even know what alcohol was haha. But drinking from a young age can cause lifelong damage in the brains function. You might think oh this doesn't concern me but drinking from a young age it will. When your a teenager your body is still developing you might think your all grown up and I think I am but I know for a fact I am not. Your bod

London Manchester ❤❤

England, United Kingdom, one country We become united and together pray for Manchester pray for London. We will get through this as a country. We come together stand strong.  Ariana words don't even describe what you have done a true inspiration for what you have done.  We keep our heads held high no one can ruin what we have we are all strong we support one another and WE WILL get through this!!  Help one another and donate what you can to help the people who have lost family, friends, people who they care about.  Love is the key  Love is the way through life  Without love without friends without family we would be no where.  We stand with Manchester We stand with London❤❤
Sometimes all I want to do is start fresh, just forget everything and move away. But then I think I need to face these fears its part of growing up. Every bad turn comes a good one. Every time theirs a rumor about I cant hide from it even though I know myself its not true and my close friends know its not true its just when people start to judge me and believe it. All I ever do is smile and be happy thats my personality but I keep getting into trouble at school and making huge mistakes. I`m letting everyone down lately with this stupid mistake and keep getting grounded and my phone taken off me but I know my parents are doing whats best for me but I don`t feel like this are and that`s when I flip. I find it so hard to calm down when i`m angry it takes time for me to calm down because i`m the sort off person that doesn't really forget about things. But be your own person in life everyone makes mistakes. No one is ever going to be perfect. Everyone has things they regret or wan